At MedTech we pride ourselves on having a number of highly skilled placements throughout the world from doctors, nurses and caregivers. As a client, Medtech aims to offer you the best solutions through our experience in human resources and cost control management. Thus, saving you time and money with lower administrative costs. Our aim is to develop lasting relationships with both our clients and employees. 


About Us

At MedTech Staffing has been proudly offering international HR solutions for over 16 years spanning three continents.

MedTech Staffing offers international staff to both the technical and medical sectors with bases of operations in the UK, Canada,Germany, South Africa, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. In turn,it has allowed us to develop a vast network of candidates and a fantastic inside into the local job market trend, allowing us to have a flexible and swift response to any recruitment needs.

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  • Temporary staffing – short and long term

  • Payroll and management services

  •  Cost optimization​

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A career in social care is not only exciting as it is uniquely rewarding. We value people and believe that education and training helps to develop people. A trained and qualified person will always perform better. 
We work together with our partnered organizations to provide our employees with the best possible training to help them reach their full potential and develop their confidence.


Medtech employees are provided with the tools to help them grow both in their personal and professional lives, through practical support and encouragement. Helping them fulfill and build a lasting confidence and the ability to fulfill their commitments.

Please contact MedTech Staffing at your convenience if you are looking for a career or if you are a company looking for temporary workers and/or permanent employees.

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  • Proficient, flexible and reliant staff

  • All staff are reference vetted and police checked

  • Skilled international relocation of staff

At MedTech Staffing we consistently strive to improve standards of care throughout our diligent and extensive development,research and training programs. Our aim is to develop lasting relationships with both our clients and employees.

MedTech Staffing employees are provided with the tools to help them grow in both their personal and professional lives through practical support and encouragement. Over the years we’ve helped thousands to relocate, find their new homes and realize their potential.

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